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Allou GuthmillerLiving an Inspired Life

As a Lightworker I have discovered that in order to honor the people with whom I come into contact, I am to take good care of myself.  To effectively give to others I learned how to first give to myself. If I put others first and leave myself last, I become depleted and impatient which then infiltrates into all that I do. Also, I've learned to take time out to align with my life purpose and intentions that guide me in structuring a joyful life of service.

The most important thing is for each one of us is to discover what we love doing and to build a life around it.  Each one of us has a unique gift, strength and talent that longs for expression in the world. It is essential to find a way to give it full expression.  This brings us fulfillment and puts us on the track of living our purpose.

To find our purpose, we begin to explore what is interesting.  What grabs and totally absorbs our attention?  It is a personal discovery. We take our own time to discover what it is for ourselves. By following our interests, they will lead us to our passion.  Then, we begin to sculpt a life around what we love doing.  You can start by building some time into your day around all the "shoulds" and "have-to's". Set aside ten minutes a day (this equals 60 hours a year or a college course) to do what inspires you.

Holding a vision and adhering to our mission, we use our life intentions to navigate through our daily choices and remain aligned with our purpose. This becomes the blueprint for action that guarantees our joy and radiance. Mastery requires a ruthless honesty with your higher self and listening. This dance requires a delicate balance like an acrobat on a tightrope.

To live our dreams takes courage and integrity. It requires integrity to live in our highest truth, expressing the unique gifts we were born with and are here now to share at this time of our lives.  In self-awareness, we examine our motives and actions. Do our actions align with our mission and embrace the call of life?  Are we listening to our inner voice that guides us, or do we turn the volume down so we can’t hear it?

We consistently nourish and feed our soul.  To nourish the soul we leave behind the all-consuming habitual patterns we live in from day to day. Take time out for an uplifting and inspirational pause to re-align ourselves with our higher purpose for being.  To break up the concepts that can keep us limited and contracted, going round and round on our own racetrack.  We can get lost in the inconsequential and lose sight of our highest vision.  A time away re-fills your spirit and brings clarity of purpose upon your return to daily life.  We take time off to touch in with our soul, to hear what it has to whisper to us.

An empowered life is being aware of our own needs, desires, feelings and wishes.  It is knowing ourselves as having an unlimited sense of being. An empowered person has gone through the efforts to find their own inner truth. Over time, living that truth consistently creates an empowered life.  This process builds a strong and powerful self-esteem that is grounded in humility. Humility is like a gold wire holding crystal beads on a necklace, without the gold wire, the beads would fall apart. It is time to take responsibility for our lives and release any self-defeating patterns. This allows us to integrate all parts of ourselves that long for expression.

When you take time out for self-inquiry, you tap into your wisdom. This wisdom guides you in taking the next steps that lead you to greater aliveness. Listen to your inner prompting, your intuition and go for it.  In awareness you take the next steps, risking the expansion of your comfort zone by going through feelings of uncertainty. As you allow the uncertainty, trust begins to build for you. Keep going… There is a force in the Universe that supports you in discovering your greatest wealth of all. It is vital to bring this consciousness forward giving expression to that which is within you.

Life waits for us to say “yes,” to unleash our enthusiasm and give form to our unique gifts. Our passion longs to leap into the arms of life, which will bring fulfillment. Take action by giving birth to our unique masterpiece. There is a divine plan for our life. We align with our purpose and life intentions by taking action.  Through clarity and focus our life is filled with ease and grace creating the most beautiful mosaic that fills us with gratitude for the life we are here to live.

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